Chef Bill Baker is a graduate of the classic culinary arts program at The French Culinary Institute.

What is it?
Businesses and groups can benefit from Chef’s Galley unique approach to team building. Making and eating a meal together can bring cohesiveness to any group. Chef’s Galley can design an interactive experience for your group that will lead to improved morale, increased problem-solving and management skills, and team support. It is a fun learning event!

How does it work?
Our professional chef, who is a certified educator, will come to your kitchen or your group can come to our kitchen. Menu preparation, recipes, and the ingredients will be ready for your group. Members will divide into teams and, with the guidance of the chef, each team will prepare a course for the meal. Groups will compete on timing, presentation, and taste of their dish and will finish by eating their meal together.

How long does it take?
Workshops can be for lunch or dinner and take approximately 3 hours.

How much does it cost?
The price includes menu, preparation, shopping, set-up and clean-up by a professional chef. The group will learn culinary skills and take home recipes from the meal. The cost is $50 per person, plus the cost of the food.

What size group works best?
Groups can be as small as 6 persons and as large as 20.

How do I sign up?
E-mail or call Chef’s Galley at 419/215-7893 and speak chef Bill. Menus can be customized for your group’s taste and budget.

Join in the fun and give your group a memorable experience!









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