Chef Bill Baker is a graduate of the classic culinary arts program at The French Culinary Institute.

How much time do you spend shopping, cooking and cleaning up? How often do you throw out food from your fridge that you never used? How much time and money do you spend driving to and waiting in line and eating in restaurants or on take out? How would you like to have gourmet food in your fridge that you heat while you have a glass of wine, change your clothes and check your e-mail?

Do you have someone cut your grass, shovel your snow, clean your house, change your car oil, wash your car, do your dry cleaning and prepare your taxes? You need a personal chef.

Price includes an assessment of your food preferences, weekly e-mail menu options, all shopping, cooking and cleaning. I price all services individually, please call 419/215-7893 for a free consultation and assessment of your needs and a no obligation quote.




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