Chef Bill Baker is a graduate of the classic culinary arts program at The French Culinary Institute.

Chef’s Galley “Sous Chef” Interactive Dinner Service

Do you like good, nutritious food but you don't like all the shopping, prep work, don't have time for menu planning and hate cleaning up the kitchen?

Prepare healthy gourmet entrees for your family without the fuss with Chef’s Galley “Sous Chef” Interactive Dinner Service. Bring some friends and a bottle of wine and make it a girls' (or guys') night out! The shopping, prep work, and clean up will be done for you. You will prepare 10 entrees of four portions each, ready for the fridge or freezer. The cost, at $199, is a fraction of what it costs for an average family to eat out - or even grocery shop. Instructions for freezing and cooking will be provided. All entrees are put in disposable containers, so clean up after dinner is minimal. Some sample menu items include lasagna, meatloaf, enchiladas, pasta, stir-fry, casseroles, seafood and roasted or grilled meats, fish and poultry. Dishes can be midwest comfort food, or food from around the world!

Chef’s Galley was created by Chef Bill Baker as a result of his lifelong passion for cooking and his sincere desire to help people eat meals that are delicious, nutritious, labor-free and exciting. Chef Baker’s 25 years of culinary experience is complemented by his intimate knowledge of cooking techniques from countries all over the world.

Contact Chef Bill Baker for more information or for your personal chef and catering needs at 419/215-7893 or E-mail  or fax 419-381-5615 for current menu options.









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